Platinum Drink Deal

21.9. 2017

Ross brings you another original and innovative way of presenting your brand. Simplicity, originality, functionality and durability.

Isn’t this an original way of serving drinks? We will design a way to present your brand in a non-traditional and unusual way.

Ross – Jelinek Presentation Bar

28.8. 2017

Brand perception and presentation are the basis requirements for branding your company. It is very important to present the brand in an original way that will not only interest the customer but also help them to remember it. At Ross, we have designed a technical solution for our customer and produced a mobile bar that is both consumer-friendly and functional. Jelínek’s mobile presentation bar is not only effective but also very flexible for use at various sales and presentation events throughout the year.
The Jelinek mobile bar is attractive and at the same time easy to install and highly practical for work in sales promotion. Thanks to the aluminum construction, the handling of the mobile bar is very light and simple to use. It can be easily folded and moved into your transport.

The light advertising and anti-corrosion worktop provide the bar with necessary enthusiasm and practicality. At the back of the bar there is a smaller lockable storage area. It’s a refined way to keep supplies constantly within reach.
Getting a customer is challenging, but we can help you with this through non-traditional products that we design and create for you.

Professional Display System

7.7. 2017

An innovative way to reach the customer in store is to present your products with elegance and style. The imaginative and practical display stand from Profesional System is the right POS product that attracts the customers attention. Interesting and appealing racks, supplemented with light elements, differentiate the Profesional System from the rest and promote the sales of the products.

Sales Store as Design Advertising

15.6. 2017

Come with us for a coffee in Milan. Milan is the city of fashion, art and banks. Excellent food and beautiful cultural monuments to enchant everyone. A cup of quality coffee is indispensable when strolling through the streets of Milan.

An event for fans of coffee and poetry was held in Milan. The golden wedge of the event was a sales stall – Julius Meinl’s designer coffee shop. Even after many years in which we have been supplying coffee shops to different parts of the world, we can say that they have not lost their attractiveness.

Its timeless design makes it an ongoing product which promotes brand perception and presentation. See how it was in Milan: JuliusMeinlItaly-Videos.

Even for you, we will design and produce a unique product that will make you visible!

Audi Eye Catcher

5.6. 2017

Overcoming complicated projects is for Ross just a matter of course. We accept challenges from small complex products to large presentation projects. This was the case when we accepted an invitation from Audi to produce a presentation table. The table was made from varnished aluminum sheet and chipboard. We create products to support sales according to the customers exact expectations. Every tailor-made product goes through the whole process from design, graphic proposal, production, assembly and delivery. We used high-quality materials in the production which means we are able to offer a 5 year warranty on the entire product.

Winning branding stores

23.5. 2017

Ross participated in the implementation of the new concept for the supermarket CBA, for which they won first place in the Mercury Muse Competition in the Branding category of the store.

Complete interior design, 3D font and light commercials have helped with the modern, functional and timeless design of the store.

The philosophy of our coorporation is to offer customers unique products. These products meet the user’s highest requirments and help increase sale to the final user.


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