Brand perception and presentation are the basis requirements for branding your company. It is very important to present the brand in an original way that will not only interest the customer but also help them to remember it. At Ross, we have designed a technical solution for our customer and produced a mobile bar that is both consumer-friendly and functional. Jelínek’s mobile presentation bar is not only effective but also very flexible for use at various sales and presentation events throughout the year.
The Jelinek mobile bar is attractive and at the same time easy to install and highly practical for work in sales promotion. Thanks to the aluminum construction, the handling of the mobile bar is very light and simple to use. It can be easily folded and moved into your transport.

The light advertising and anti-corrosion worktop provide the bar with necessary enthusiasm and practicality. At the back of the bar there is a smaller lockable storage area. It’s a refined way to keep supplies constantly within reach.
Getting a customer is challenging, but we can help you with this through non-traditional products that we design and create for you.